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Bitcoin price falls below $60,000 - why is crypto down today? Cryptocurrency prices of Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, ETH (Image credit: Getty Images)

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Taking everything into consideration, our Safemoon price prediction 2025 is still relatively optimistic about this token. As there doesn’t seem to be any real-world utility yet, which is why people buy Cardano and other useful cryptocurrencies, it’ll likely put off investors from placing large amounts of capital into the project. For that reason, we’d imagine a modest price rise to $0.000025 by 2025. .

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We should also point out that if we had been given labels on the Y-axis (which obviously we are not), it might become clear that these “daily Covid cases” refer to US Covid cases. Because while a US chart looks exactly like the one above, a chart showing worldwide Covid cases doesn’t; instead it looks like this (according to Google):
Meme cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest assets in the crypto market currently. The once-disregarded sub-sector is making a name for itself. Even though most dog-themed virtual currencies lack any real-world use case, they have massive online communities.

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This book doesn't contain a single diagram; no photos, and no equations at all. So if you're looking for a technical introduction to crypto, look elsewhere; this is purely an informally-written account on the people behind the scenes.
In other cryptocurrency news, Mastercard has a new partnership to expand its cryptocurrency offerings for banks, merchants, and financial technology companies in the U.S.

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Dogecoin, meanwhile, was trading down 13% on the last 24 hours at $0.232605 (£0.169487) on Wednesday.

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Joshua Lim, head of derivatives at Genesis Trading, said that traders abandoned positive bets on bitcoin and placed them on ethereum instead in the run-up to the approval of the ProShares ETF in a bid to benefit from a positive reaction in ethereum’s price if the SEC gives the nod. Fintech Add to myFT Financial services Add to myFT Ethereum Add to myFT Exchange traded funds Add to myFT SEC Add to myFT

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    Its website carries the slogan ‘Safely to the Moon’ - a play on the phrase first mooted by WallStreetBets on Reddit in an attempt to hype up the price of Dogecoin.
    Shiba inu is here to stay. Just wait and see in 6 months. Why a video if this is your bottom line‼️

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    But others say Burry’s view that the crypto markets are overleveraged and poses a serious risk to crypto investors is still important to consider.

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    Barring Shiba Inu, that slid for another day due to profit taking, nine out of the top-10 cryptocurrencies were trading higher at 10.30 hours IST. Solana and XRP were the biggest gainers, rising nearly 11 per cent each.

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    Both ideas are about making a few people rich, not about building a decentralised paradise where everyone prospers
    Dogecoin (DOGE) bounced off the 20-day EMA ($0.25) on Oct. 31 but the bulls are struggling to sustain the price above $0.27. This suggests that bears are selling on rallies.

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    The crypto crackdown opens the gates for China to introduce its own digital currency, which it is already working on and will allow the central government to monitor transactions.

    Berkshire Hathaway cash swelled to a new high as Warren Buffett sold stock for a fourth straight quarter, BRKB stock buybacks increased.
    Security is a major concern when investing in cryptocurrencies. This is because there is no way to get back tokens once they have been transferred out, making the need for a secure platform all the more important. 4JNET was built with this concern in mind.

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Massive sell-offs and returns have characterized the crypto market for much of this year. SHIB has also been a major player in a highly saturated crypto space and its 21,000% surge in one week separated it from other meme wannabes, placing it as a direct rival to the more established DOGE.

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The creators of HUH Token are putting their money where their mouth is and are putting an impressive $300,000 of liquidity into the token. With all of this in mind, SafeMoon might quickly be forgotten.

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